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Seaweed is a commons, seaweed is a condiment! Nutritionally it’s considered best to eat a little bit of seaweed everyday for hormones, minerals, thyroid etc. Cherishing the seaweed as a tasty garnish and gift of the sea seems respectful as well as practical, which is why we propose the sprinkle-method. Dr. Suess was known to sprinkle kelp powder to make his “green eggs” we also suggest it on rice, in salad dressing, as a soup garnish, on toast with oil.

Organic Toasted Sesame Seeds, Organic Wild Cutler Coast Nori*, Organic Wild Sea Lettuce*, Organic Wild Sugar Kelp, Organic Wild Dulse, Organic Wild Sweet Bay*

*Smithereen farm grown + harvested

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Why eat seaweed

Seaweed is prized by macrobiotics for its micro-nutrients, iodine and minerals. Notice the seagulls? They are so prosperous and glossy. They live one layer up from the seaweed, eating whelks, sea stars, urchins, arthropods, worms, crabs, and trash.


Everything on earth grew from the sea. We are all beneficiaries of the blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) that invented photosynthesis. They lazed around in shallow waters converting the energy of sunlight into the sugars and carbon bonds of life, producing oxygen and ultimately our atmosphere. At the low trophic level, seaweeds support the critters, oxygenate the waters, and constitute the foundational flourishing of intertidal places. 

This seaweed is a wild product of the marine ecosystem, harvested respectfully from a small boat (or by foot) from the intertidal and subtidal zones along the seashore. It grows attached to rocks and ledges, buffeted by wave action in the cold gulf of Maine, a place with extreme tides up to 22 feet. This seaweed comes from very clean waters in well established territories managed by experienced harvesters.


We hope a love for these plants will motivate you to learn enough to become an ally and believer in the possibilities of commons. Through a commons-informed approach, Seaweed Commons seeks to form ecologically minded seaweed coalitions, support and inform public discourse, and support algal literacy in service to an appropriately scaled, just seaweed economy. We leverage art, film, public forums, research, and online informational resources with critical joy, so as to not overwhelm the lively ecology at the threshold of land and sea.

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