Wild “Bixa Fixa” Salve


Anti-infection cream with ethno-botanical mojo from bixa (Amazon), pinion (New Mexico) and beeswax (Maine). Bright orange, gives a golden glow like an Anti-Trump bronzer. Wonderful face cream, hand cream, after garden cream for bug bites, infection, sunburn, imperfections, funky blisters etc.

Made with with hypericum (St. Johns Wort/Maine), organic extra-virgin olive oil, Dr. Bronners, coconut oil and rosemary oil.

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1 oz or 2 oz.

This is our all in one miracle cream! We make it from Seka Hills olive oil infused with herbs that we grow and wildcraft on our certified organic farm, arnica, st johns wort, yarrow, plantain, calendula, borage. Plus we add ingredients harvested from our friends farms: wild pinion sap from a ranch in New Mexico, bixa ( annatto) from a farm on the Big Island of Hawaii, and beeswax from Sparky’s in Maine and coconut oil from Dr. Bronners, plus a little rosemary essential oil.

These herbs are all powerful against inflammation and infection, helping with healing. Bixa / annatto/ Achiote is native to the Amazon rainforest and is used there for its anti bacterial and anti viral properties, it is applied around the eyes. This is the ingredient that makes our cream bright orange, gives a golden glow if you put it on your face. This is an everywhere cream, I use it on my face, hands, after gardening, before bed, on bug bites, on infected cuts, on blisters and imperfections..

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1 oz, 2 oz