Wild Cutler Coast Nori


Porphyra umbilicalis

Wild-harvested Nori ‘au natural’. Our nori is hand harvested on the bold coast of Washington County by a tatooe’d mermaid called Margie. Porphyra is a red seaweed which grows around the world in cold inter-tidal waters, its mariculture was made possible because of the fucologist Kathleen Drew who, in 1949 discovered how to use shell fragments for lab-reproduction of nori, allowing for the creation of a multi-billion dollar industry in Asia. Most sushi you eat is wrapped in flat processed sheets grown on these farms of dubious water quality. 

Our is wild, not farmed, and remains unprocessed. In Ireland it is known as Laver, and is widely enjoyed, incorporated into bread. We suggest fresh-roasting your porphyra in a pan with some olive oil ( and optionally sesame seeds, or other seeds)  then sprinkle it on rice, eggs, salads, anything. The Japanese call this preparation “ furikake”. Treat it as a flavor and condiment – expert nutritionists suggest seaweed should be eaten everyday in small doses.

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