Smithereen Farm is hosting camps and camping! Pitch a tent right on the land for a scenic stay or sign up for one of our Adventure Naturalist Camps to learn new skills!

Farm Club members get free access to Jam Making + Camping on the farm. Non members can also book at AirBnB / Hipcamp.

Tent camp
on the farm! Book on Hipcamp
Adventure Naturalist Camp
Adventure Naturalist Camp is coordinated by Greenhorns founder Severine v T Fleming and longtime sail educator Arista Holden, an outcome of their joyful collaboration on the Greenhorns 2015 Maine Sail Freight project.

For more information on the camp, which is open to local kids (18 and up) as well as kids from away please email

We are still confirming our 2019 camp schedule. See below for confirmed events. To hear about Greenhorns workshops all summer long, please join the mailing list at


June 21-22, 2019
Weekend Seaweed Symposium



All of August

Blueberry U Pick More details here


August 1, 2019

Work Songs with Bennett Konesni + Friends