about us

We are farming on Passamaquoddy homeland right at the US-Canada border in the town of Pembroke in Washington County, Maine. The 150 acre farm is perched up on a set of glacially smoothened plateaus growing at the end of a long peninsula. The farm faces eastwards to the protected estuarine Pennamaquan River, an amazing alewife run.

We grow organic strawberries, and large veggie gardens for our farmers and summer camps and visitors. We manage 12 acres of U PICK wild Maine blueberries just down the road, a lovely bike ride. Most of the farm is a forested with spruce, balsam fir, larch, maple, birch, with patches of oaks and some queenly white pines that escaped the epoch of lumber-cutting — great for trail walking and mushroom hunting.


This farmstead was established in about 1820 during the newly settled ‘golden era’ of this coastal fishing and farming community. Cobscook Bay, named for the “boiling waters” created by our 20-foot tides, is an extremely productive marine ecosystem. In 1850 there were 27 canneries and near-daily steamships straight to Boston (via North Haven) these days you can take the ‘west bus’ and get to us from Boston in about 8 hours, by car it is more like 6 hours.


We are out here because of the abundant wild growing seaweed, herbs, flowers, mushrooms, algae, fish … which we harvest, dry and process. We are delighted to eat from a highly charged ecological food commons shared with many wild creatures, whales, moose, coyotes, foxes, grouse, bob cats, owls … and yes, many porcupines. We fertilize the gardens with seaweed and organic cow manure from nearby Tide Mill Farm, we harvest sweet fern, balsam fir boughs, hawthorn berries, spruce tips, hypericum, yarrow, goldenrod, rose petals, chokecherries, high bush cranberries, feral apples — and make lots of ferments, jams, jellies, salves and tinctures. Our featured product is organic wild blueberry jam, not too sweet! Its available for sale in our webshop, along with membership in the Smithereen’s Songline Farm Club which sends out seasonal boxes of delight.


The farm is certified-organic by MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association) and protected by conservation easements put in place by Maine Coast Heritage Trust, the farmhouse was kindly fixed up by Maine Farmland Trust. We are beneficiaries of these amazing organizations that have conspired to make Maine the highest per capita young farmer state in the nation! 


We’re glad to make the farm a place of sharing and learning by hosting Greenhorns summer camp programming throughout the summer and running an AgriTourism program with tent platforms and luxe tipis for visitor accommodation (you can book on Hipcamp and Airbnb). We have a nice hot outdoor shower, glorious outdoor kitchen facilities, compost toilet and plenty of infrastructure for campfires, fish gutting and smoking, seaweed processing etc.