We believe in a precautionary approach. Visitors to the farm are asked to stay socially distanced so that we keep our little “herd” healthy. We have quarantined new arrivals to our farm team and will continue to do so. We wear masks anytime in town and we minimize town visits. We will keep this up for the rest of the season based on the Governor’s directives.

We are committed to best practices to ensure that our food is safe. We have expanded our vegetable gardens even more this year, and beginning the first week of July will sell produce at our farmstand located at Reversing Hall, 4 Leighton Point Road, Pembroke, ME.

Despite a dry spring and a small berry crop, we plan to open our U Pick organic wild blueberries in August at 306 Young’s Cove Road, Pembroke—but will not offer U Pick strawberries at this time to reduce traffic and contact at the home farm. If you would like to order strawberries please feel free to call (207) 726-4442 to speak with us directly, or email [email protected]. We can pick for you and you can pick up at the farmstand.

Our Greenhorns summer program of workshops and the agricultural library opening has been converted into a film series called EARTHLIFE—viewable on the Greenhorns website and our social media channels @thegreenhorns @smithereenfarm @reversinghall

We look forward to opening the library and resuming public programming when it is considered safe to do so!

We have modified our agritourism/ airbnb/ Hipcamp operation with an outdoor quarantine sink, campfire, compost toilet and outdoor shower for guests—these stays no longer include use of kitchen facilities as these are used by the farm crew. All bedding is now washed with bleach and sun dried as usual.

Harvesting from wildlands + ocean commons since 2009 
Joyfully farm-based as of summer 2017!