We are farming on Passamaquoddy homeland right at the US-Canada border in the town of Pembroke in Washington County, Maine. The 150 acre farm is perched up on a set of glacially smoothened plateaus growing at the end of a long peninsula on Cobskook Bay. 

We grow organic strawberries and large veggie gardens and manage 12 acres of U PICK wild Maine blueberries just down the road. We also wild harvest berries, seaweed, and herbs galore. Much of the farm is forested with spruce, balsam fir, larch, maple, and birch, with patches of oaks and elms and some queenly white pines that escaped the epoch of lumbercutting.

2021 brings wild and farmed seaweed harvest, spring wildflowers, camping, historic preservation, alternatives to plastic in aquaculture, and books at our agricultural library @ReversingHall. Check out and sign up for camps through our sister organization, Greenhorns.

This landscape hosts a compelling curriculum of commons management and natural-resource governance issues which we explore with our www.seaweedcommons.org project. Cobcook Bay’s 20-foot tides and cold Labrador currents means that micro and macro algae drive a surging marine ecology that attracts schooling fish, whales and migrating birds