We are farming on Passamaquoddy homeland right at the US-Canada border in easternmost Maine.
We look out on Cobscook Bay and our main focus is building the most diverse orchard we possibly can. We also grow organic strawberries and large veggie gardens and manage 12 acres of U PICK wild Maine blueberries just down the road. We also wild harvest chokecherries, service berries, seaweed, and wild herbs galore. We make value added products from our harvests and sell them online and at our farmstore.
As of 2022 we have taken over management of a cranberry bog!
Much of the farm is forested with spruce, balsam fir, larch, maple, and birch and some queenly white pines- we invite campers to stay on the farm and enjoy the stars, the breezes, the sea mist, migrating birds, mossy trails and quiet beaches in every direction.
2022 brings another round of fun workshops, lectures and outings thanks to our sister organization Greenhorns. You can also visit the agrarian library @ReversingHall.
Smithereen Farm will be entering our 5th growing season in 2022.
We are located in Pembroke, ME  at the end of the Leighton neck peninsula.
We grow certified organic fruit and vegetables at our home farm, and also manage a cranberry bog and blueberry barrens that are each a few miles away. 
We produce 13 value added products ( vinegar, teas, jams, creams)
We make them in our certified commercial kitchen at 13 Little Falls Road. 
We raise oysters and kelp on our LPA in Schooner Cove.
We wild harvest seaweed in Cobscook bay and on the Cutler coast. 
You can buy our products
We have a webstore!
We sell at the Lubec farmers market Saturdays 10-12
We also sell at our farmstore Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-3 at 12 Little Falls Road, Pembroke. 
You can visit us!
We host overnight campers.  
We offer U PICK strawberries, wild blueberries, cranberries each in season. 
We rent our facility to educational groups for field study. 
We rent our facility to our sister organization,  Greenhorns, who host classes, workshops and an artist in residency program. 
U Pick 
All certified organic, we provide the baskets and an honor box. 
We appreciate thorough and neat pickers!
Strawberries 767 Leighton Point Road, park top of the hill, $5/quart
Blueberries 306 Young’s Cove Rd, $4/quart
First gallon free for town residents, beyond that… please pay for what you pick
Cranberry bog 12 Cranberry Drive, Dennysville $5/quart
We are currently hiring for a Hospitality Manager


This landscape hosts a compelling curriculum of commons management and natural-resource governance issues which we explore with our www.seaweedcommons.org project. Cobscook Bay’s 20-foot tides and cold Labrador currents means that micro and macro algae drive a surging marine ecology that attracts schooling fish, whales and migrating birds.