We are farming on Passamaquoddy homeland right at the US-Canada border in the town of Pembroke in Washington County, Maine. The 150 acre farm is perched up on a set of glacially smoothened plateaus growing at the end of a long peninsula on Cobskook Bay.
We grow organic strawberries and large veggie gardens and manage 12 acres of U PICK wild Maine blueberries just down the road. We also wild harvest berries, seaweed, and herbs galore. Much of the farm is forested with spruce, balsam fir, larch, maple, and birch, with patches of oaks and elms and some queenly white pines that escaped the epoch of lumbercutting.
2021 brings wild and farmed seaweed harvest, spring wildflowers, camping, historic preservation, alternatives to plastic in aquaculture, and books at our agricultural library @ReversingHall. Check out and sign up for camps through our sister organization, Greenhorns.
Smithereen Farm will be entering our 5th growing season in 2022. We are hiring for a couple of positions for the 2022 season:

If interested in applying, please send CV and letter of interest to [email protected]

Full-time, $25-40/hr depending on experience
Our organic  farm business contains many parts. We are looking for someone passionate about business administration, co-design and management who wants to work in regenerative agriculture in rural Maine. We are looking for a very fine collaboration with a very fine person to do very fine work. 
We live and work in a most beautiful place. Much of this work is computer based, but it is a computer that is sitting looking out Cobscook Bay, overtop of a garden and orchard of a diverse salt water farm with 4 greenhouses, 400 fruit and berry bushes, with U pick wild blueberries and cranberries, with an 1896 odd fellows hall full of agricultural library and film screening area, with hiking trails and nature adventures in every direction. With free access to beautiful farmed and local organic food, beautiful people, quaint seaside towns, lovely architecture and flat enough to bike everywhere.  We need someone who has discipline and good work etiquette, who is responsible and accountable, who is precise and emotionally mature, who is committed to the mission and the follow through that achieving that mission will take. 
Our business entails:
Farming and wild harvesting of algae and herbs
Value added processing of farm products
Farm store
Farm-based hospitality program with summer camps, residential educational courses, partnerships
Hip camp/ Airbnb agri-tourism 
We also have bookkeeping needs for Greenhorns, our partner organization who hosts the educational programming. Greenhorns is a fiscally sponsored 501(c)3 not for profit organization.
Sales management
Wholesale accounts management
Payroll oversight
Property management
Insurance oversight
HR financial oversight
Organic certification
Aquaculture licensing oversight
Processing licensing oversight
Business development and co-design
New products licensing and development
Woo Commerce
Kindness, patience, self-starting, attention to details, strong communication
Preference for a degree in business, accounting, MFA equiv experience
Preference for a background in small business administration
Computer skills!
Integrity and detailed focus
Able to work with creative people in a diverse, fast paced, educational work environment
Full-time, $20/hour
We currently host a cluster of enterprises on the farm and  would like to intensify our vegetable, flower and herb production for the coming season. We are looking for a partner to take on oversight of crop planning, greenhouse, and gardens, working with the existing team and perhaps a few more seasonal workers, to co-develop a plan for the coming season as we expand once again into our new commercial kitchen space and farm store. We are looking for someone with really solid experience in market gardening who is also okay with being a teacher of seasonal workers, visitors and newcomers to agriculture.

The open farm land is about 40 acres, with 4 acres that we have developed so far into fruit orchards, perennials, soft fruit, strawberries and  vegetable gardens. We also have 6 acres of cranberries and 12 acres of blueberries down the road. We have 2 LPAs for farmed algae, oysters, shiitake mushrooms, and of course the apple harvest for cider vinegar, and herbal creams, glycerites and teas.We are certified organic by MOFGA, and by Real Organic project.
We have existing markets for our value added products, and a new farm store in the works in dowtntown Pembroke.
We are 2 hours from the Ellsworth/ Bar Harbor farmers market, half an hour from the Lubec farmers market.We can offer you housing a nice house by the Pennamaquan river,  which is about 5 minute drive from the home farm, includes barns and some grazing, as well as access to our educational campus and library of 8,000 books. We are open to couples/families applying and are also open to structuring the partnership in a way that the veggies are ‘ your own business’ or if you come with sheep/ poultry operation, etc.   We are open for creative cooperative conversations, starting immediately.
We suggest coming for a visit to see the scene and figure out what configuration makes sense. We already have 3 full time farm team mates signed on for the 2022 season.

Full-time, $20/hour
Smithereen farm has 8 value added products at this time, we would like to expand our offering and we need to scale up the production as we have a lot more demand than we can practically manage with our current set up. That is why we are scaling into a new facility that we are building over the winter, a commercial kitchen just next to the farm shop at the old CrossRoads motel in downtown Pembroke. The Value added products manager is thus in the position of not only producing the existing products with existing materials and new season harvest, but also in co designing with severine the production systems and SSOP for a set of wonderful foods: dried kelps, dried mushrooms, dried herbs, fermented apple cider and blueberry, blueberry, service berry, chokecherry, cranberry jams and syrups. This includes dehydrating, grinding, blending, and of course jam making and pickling of seaweed and kimchee in our beautiful Korean vats. More details on request.
Roles include:

  • Joining in the “ creation process” of the commercial kitchen.
  • Overseeing the commercial kitchen and production thereof, including helpers
  • Managing ingredient/ packaging ordering, warehouse/ storage room
  • Checklists! Creation and oversight of the SSOP’s in all the culinary areas
  • Planning  and overseeing production of products, creating a re useable calendar
  • Coordinating with farm team on Harvesting, drying, bagging, tagging,
  • Chief of responsibility for MOFGA paperwork and accounts log on the products
  • Planning and Delivering a limited set menu of food items to the farm shop (ie. ice cream sandwiches, sandwiches, muffins)
  • Feel free to make other new product planning/ process/ proposals and creativity!
  • Inventory management inside software system of the farm web shop
  • Oversee the shipping and selling of products

Part-time, $20/hour
Smithereen Farm has 8 campsites that we rent out by the night to HIPCAMPers from all over. This is a major income stream for us and we want it to be great. We need someone who can mange all aspects of this enterprise, this can be a part time job and combine well with other enterprises on the farm, or your own project, or another job in town. This job includes: keeping the website of the farm and Greenhorns updated, doing flyering and outreach for summer events, managing communications with the guests, clean up and set up, oversight of laundry, mowing, cleaning and related “guest services”. Bringing online a couple more rental units and educational group housing situations at the motel, Grey lodge, Cat, Puffin. Helping with the hosting, which means orientation, farm tours, materials creation, kindness, and chores!
campsOur sister organization, Greenhorns, hosts summer workshops at Smithereen Farm
farm shopOur online shop where you can buy our herbs, seaweeds & fruit products
about usSmithereen Farm is a certified organic farm located on Cobscook Bay, all the way Downeast in Pembroke Maine.

This landscape hosts a compelling curriculum of commons management and natural-resource governance issues which we explore with our www.seaweedcommons.org project. Cobcook Bay’s 20-foot tides and cold Labrador currents means that micro and macro algae drive a surging marine ecology that attracts schooling fish, whales and migrating birds