what we grow & sell

We are still Greenhorns! and a portion of all sales goes to support Greenhorns work producing agrarian films, publications and educational programming. (@reversinghall @thegreenhorns)
We sell dried wild harvested seaweed and seaweed condiment gathered during super low tides.

We sell dried herb teas harvested from the certified organic pastures and forest edges.

We sell blueberry jam from our certified organic wild blueberry field located down the tip of Leighton Point Road, its also a U PICK and you’re welcome to come in August to pick your own. We have camp programming, workshops and music programs all summer long.

We sell wild harvested chaga from the birch forests.

125 heritage apple, pear, plum, and nut trees were planted in 2018 by Tom and Sev, and we’ve been gently pruning the grandmothers near the house. The vision, eventually, is feral and heritage hard cider!

* * *
For the  2019 season we’re offering the Smithereen Songline Farm Club.. a range of small-run products.

Items will ship out In this order:

  1. New Farmers Almanac volume 4
  2. Easy Love tea (Rose petals, red raspberry, red clover, hypericum)
  3. Sail Freight Maine Sea Salt
  4. Balsam fir cushions made by Ripley (@StudiointheRound)
  5. Dried Seaweed and ‘furikake’ seaweed condiment
  6. Blueberry Jam
  7. Organic Garlic garlands
  8. Rose petal syrup with glycerine
  9. Bixa Salve (annatto grown on Baldwin Homestead Maui)
  10. Bright red Hypericum Oil (Hypericum of Smithereen Farm)
  11. Spruce Tip tea
  12. Rare Amazonian dried bush chilis (Baldwin homestead, Maui)
  13. Balsam wreaths
  14. Biodynamic Citrus (Totem Ranch, Ojai)
  15. Dried Italian bay leaves and kefir lime leaves (Baldwin homestead, Maui )
  16. More tropical treats TBD (Rare dried bananas, potions etc.)

* * *

Farm Club members can opt-in to the ‘small run’ offerings as they are announced and get free access to Jam Making + Camping on the farm.

To join the Farm Club, head to our online shop and choose your subscription level. 

Non-members can also book at AirBnB/ Hipcamp.
In the future we hope to have a flock of sheep and more extensive herb production, and the down-eastest cold water oysters!